New Year’s Resolutions

17 01 2010

Time for New Year’s resolutions. I actually like the concept of making resolutions for the New Year.  I don’t normally take them TOO seriously though.  I usually give up drinking pop, and it lasts for a good 8 months or so…but then I get a cold, and in order to try to break up the crap that’s coating my throat, I’ll drink a Coca-Cola.  That’s exactly what happened to me in 2009.  Except that I actually gave up pop for Lent and then in October I felt I was getting sick and casually enjoyed a couple of Coca-Colas to try to combat it….and it turned me back into a soda pop fiend.  It’s all or nothing with me.  So, yeah…one of my rezzies this year is to give up pop again…but that’s boring.

My main resolution this year, is to read 24 books.  My resolution last year was to read one book a month…but that didn’t end up happening.  Not even close. So, I’m hoping that by making my resolution public, I’ll actually keep up with it….and even if I fall short of my goal, at least (hopefully) I’ll have read as many as I had expected to last year.

If you are one who keeps their eyes peeled for books to check out, I’m going to list, on this page, the books I read this year.  I can tell you right off that there will be a lot of Nick Hornby books in the mix. I have at least 5 of his books at home that I haven’t read yet.  This should be fun.  I’m always looking to check out books that are new to me and/or I’ve never heard of.  If you have one in mind, please leave your suggestion in the comments.  Thanks! Happy New Year!




4 responses

18 01 2010

I really loved Less than Zero by Bret Easton Ellis. You may have read it already. Being from MN you were probably required to read The Things They Carried, another good one though.

I have the same problem as you, though. I have a hard time picking up a book and finishing it. I wish you luck!

22 01 2010

Nick Horby is solid. Do you like Chuck Klosterman? I like Horny and Klosterman because they are easy, quick reads but are still really solid writers.

If you haven’t read it, Mark Oliver Everett’s (E from the Eels) autobiography is awesome. It is called Things to Tell the Grandchildren.

23 01 2010

I kind of have a love hate relationship with Klosterman. I’ve read two of his collections of essays and I just started Downtown Owl.

I’ll have to remember to check out E’s autobiography. Still good even if you’re just a passing fan?

10 02 2010

Yes…a great book about love, loss, family. Lots of the same stuff that he sings about. Written in a really strange fashion, almost like journal entries or like he put it down in a stream of concious. I bet it would sound cool with book on tape. Very fluid, to a point where I am guessing someone with any formal training in writing (or an english degree, etc) would probably find it annoying.

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