20 01 2010

I still believe in buying CDs…or just the tangible album.  If I had a turntable that worked, I’d still buy vinyl from time to time.  But I’m certainly not down with buying full albums from iTunes when for a buck or two more, I can have the physical copy with artwork.

With CDs slowly going out of style, I go to Cheapo Discs 2 or more times a week to scour their used discs because you can find a lot of albums for $2.95 lately.  So, I’ve been snatching up a lot of discs over the years that I want to eventually check out.  My collection of discs has swelled to almost 2,000, though that’s estimated because I don’t have the time to, nor desire to count them.  What you see in the picture above is probably just under 1/4 of the collection.  I have a lot of discs in my collection that I’ve never even heard, and tons more that I haven’t listened to in years and years.

Which brings me to my project, and the picture above.  I started the project sometime last year, but I don’t recall when, so I can’t really gague my progress.  Makes me wish I’d done it as a New Year’s Resolution.  I decided I was going to listen to every disc in my collection.  I tried this years ago, but I took the ill advised alphabetical route.  That’s boring, and you’re forced to listen to a disc you may not be in the mood for….and then in my case, you get through Alice In Chains and say screw it.  So, I’m listening to whichever discs I feel like listening to and then placing them on a shelf in alphabetical order.  The picture above is a couple months old now, so I’ve listened to almost twice as much as what you see sitting there.

This project has been helpful so far for three reasons:

  1. I’m able to weed out crap albums that I’d taken a chance and gotten burned on (although, paying .95 for an album that I don’t end up liking is hardly “getting burned”)
  2. It allows for me to “discover” albums that I forgot I had, or never got around to listening to
  3. It forces me to finally listen to albums that I purchased solely based on hearing great things about them, and or have achieved cult stauts…..and I have not yet listened to/spent much time with, because in my mind they remain great….and listening to them could potentially prove otherwise.  But on the otherhand, I could have been missing out on this total greatness this entire time.
  •   examples of this would be Skip Spence’s Oar album, Modern Lovers’ first album, David Crosby’s If I Could Only Remember My Name

I’m sure there are probably others hiding in my collection that I can’t think of right now, but those three came to mind first.

If you also have a massive collection, I would suggest trying this.  Maybe you’re not as crazy as I am with the whole “I haven’t listened to this supposedly great album yet because in my mind it remains great, and listening to it could destroy that image”….but if you have rare, random discs in your collection that you reccommend, let it blurt.  Leave them in the comments.  I’m ALWAYS looking for more music to check out, especially if they are rare, lost gems. 

The rarest of gems that everyone needs to check out is Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue.  Perfect from beginning to end and definitely in my top 5 all time favorite albums.


New Year’s Resolutions

17 01 2010

Time for New Year’s resolutions. I actually like the concept of making resolutions for the New Year.  I don’t normally take them TOO seriously though.  I usually give up drinking pop, and it lasts for a good 8 months or so…but then I get a cold, and in order to try to break up the crap that’s coating my throat, I’ll drink a Coca-Cola.  That’s exactly what happened to me in 2009.  Except that I actually gave up pop for Lent and then in October I felt I was getting sick and casually enjoyed a couple of Coca-Colas to try to combat it….and it turned me back into a soda pop fiend.  It’s all or nothing with me.  So, yeah…one of my rezzies this year is to give up pop again…but that’s boring.

My main resolution this year, is to read 24 books.  My resolution last year was to read one book a month…but that didn’t end up happening.  Not even close. So, I’m hoping that by making my resolution public, I’ll actually keep up with it….and even if I fall short of my goal, at least (hopefully) I’ll have read as many as I had expected to last year.

If you are one who keeps their eyes peeled for books to check out, I’m going to list, on this page, the books I read this year.  I can tell you right off that there will be a lot of Nick Hornby books in the mix. I have at least 5 of his books at home that I haven’t read yet.  This should be fun.  I’m always looking to check out books that are new to me and/or I’ve never heard of.  If you have one in mind, please leave your suggestion in the comments.  Thanks! Happy New Year!