R.I.P. Jeff Hanson

8 06 2009

This morning, I feel a bit betrayed that the universe had never presented Jeff Hanson to me before today.  I’m sitting in class on this drizzly day, enjoying my black coffee (which is all very fitting if you ask me.  The weather and my choice of beverage)…. I checked PFM this morning and saw a headline from the weekend that said “R.I.P Jeff Hanson.”  His name looked familiar, but after reading the brief write-up, I found that I didn’t know this particular singer/songwriter during his life time.  It’s possible I’d read it when checking the concert calendar for the Triple Rock, 7th St. Entry and Turf Club.

As stated in the Star Tribune article, Jeff was found dead in his apartment by his parents.  It appeared as if Jeff had died as a result of an accidental fall.

After reading about him on PFM, I checked him out at the Kill Rock Stars site where they have 4 MP3’s to download.  The music sounds nearly identical to Elliott Smith’s Either/Or and XO albums.  I’m getting that excited feeling I got when I first started getting into Elliott.  While Elliott was alive, I only owned XO and the Good Will Hunting soundtrack and didn’t really get into with a hardcore passion until after he died.

I think the same thing will happen with Jeff Hanson’s catalog for me now too.  The songs will grab hold and I’ll feel tremendous sorrow over the fact that this talent has been taken from us and we’ll never get to hear anything new from him…and I’ll regret that I never took the chance to see him live in concert.

As I’m sitting here in class, I’m listening to a small 8 song playlist on repeat, which consists of 4 Jeff Hanson songs from the KRS site…and 4 Nick Drake covers done by a young Elton John which I picked up this morning from Aquarium Drunkard.  I’m just sitting here….waiting for 12pm to roll around, so I can head to Cheapo and pick up my first Jeff Hanson album.  Based on the tracks I’ve been listening to, I think this may be a defining moment in my record collecting life.




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