Solo Albums #5

14 12 2008

I was a huge fan of Scott Weiland’s first solo album, 12 Bar Blues.  I use this word a lot, but I found it extremely “refreshing.”  I will always respect ANY artist for trying something different, no matter the outcome.  If 3 Doors Down decided to add Postal Service type electronic-flourishes on their next album….it’d probably still be a par for the course crappy album, but I’d actually respect the hell out of them for attempting something other than the same-old-same.

“Happy” In Galoshes delivers more of the same as we heard on 12 Bar Blues.  I’m very pleased with Weiland’s solo output.  He doesn’t try make another Stone Temple Pilots album and definitely isn’t trying to appease the Velvet Revolver crowd.

There are a couple of songs that sound like they could be STP tracks (“Missing Cleveland”, “Blind Confusion”), and at least one where he brings out his inner Bowie (“Paralysis”).  Of course, there’s the Bowie cover (“Fame”) which is fairly faithful, but unnecessary.

“Killing Me Sweetly” recalls “Son” from 12 Bar Blues which was one of the high points of that album (and most definitely the sweetest song).

The whole package ends with the unlisted song “Be Not Afraid” which is a Catholic hymn.  I can only speculate that he recorded this for his dearly-departed brother.  Whatever the reason, it is a beautiful song that brings to mind Jeff Buckley’s rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

Hipsters need not apply.

Scott Weiland – January 31 @ Pantages Theater




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