The Veils/Liam Finn @ 7th St. Entry

3 10 2008

Wednesday night, I headed to the 7th Street Entry for the first show I’d seen in a little while.  (Can’t remember at the moment the last show I saw.)  I went specifically to see Liam Finn, offspring of Crowded House front man, Neil Finn.  I like Liam’s debut solo album.  I haven’t listened to it in a while, but when I found out he was coming to town, I marked it on my calendar.

The Veils, whose album Nux Vomica I purchased in Summer ’07, opened the show.  I was very impressed with their show, stage presence and between song banter.  I went into it feeling indifferent, and came out impressed with their show and looking forward to their new album, which sould be released early 2009.

Liam….Liam…Liam.  I was quite disappointed.  I don’t know what the name of the fx pedal is, but you know the pedal that allows you to record a guitar part, play it back and then record another part while the first part is playing?  Well anyway, that’s how his show went.  It was more or less a one man band (I’m not going to count his annoying sidekick EJ who stood in front of her tiny percussion set up and sang background vocals).

I was expecting a full band rock show.  But I got a one man band with an fx pedal.  He was quite good on the drums, though.  But the icing on the last straw for me was when they announced they were going to do an audience participation jam and record the audience shrieking and making noises and then incorporate that into the next song.  That’s when I turned around and walked out.

In most cases, I feel that seeing a band live can affect your opinion of an album, or even enhance it.  In the case of the Veils, their show enhanced my listening experience of Nux Vomica.  In the case of Liam Finn’s live show…..I haven’t gone back to his album which I previously thought was good……I’m scared to.  I don’t want to dislike it.

Everyone at the show seemed to dig the hell out of his fx pedal style of recording a one man band performance.  At one point, he even mentioned that a critic recently said his show was “gimmicky”.  I couldn’t agree more.  That style of performance is kind of neat for maybe one or two songs.  An entire show??  It gets tiring very, very quickly.