2 09 2008

After years and years of adoration for Greg Dulli and all the pictures I’ve seen of him online, I’ve actually come across a picture I’d never seen.  It was completely unexpected though.  Look at it. St. Gregory barbecuing in an alley.  I like this picture a lot.

Today is a good day.  The second Gutter Twins release of the year was released today.  Exclusive (hopefully only for the moment. I need a tangible album) to itunes, Adorata is an 8 track EP comprised of 6 cover songs and two Gutter Twins originals.


Adorata tracklisting:

1. Belles (Vetiver)
2. Down the Line (José González)
3. Deep Hit (Primal Scream)
4. Flow Like a River (Eleven)
5. St. James (Trad., Lanegan prev. released this song w/Isobel Campbell on lead vocals on their Ramblin’ Man EP)
6. Duchess (Scott Walker)
7. Spanish Doors (original)
8. We Have Met Before (original)



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