Solo Albums #2

28 07 2008

When the Descendents went on “hiatus” in order to let Milo persue his dream of being a biochemist, the other members wanted to rock.  So, they formed ALL and recorded one album with new singer, Dave Smalley.  They are now on their 3rd singer, Chad Price. Between Dave & Chad came Scott Reynolds, with whom ALL recorded 3 albums.  Check the Descendents/ALL Family Shrub for the cluttered diagram explaining the whole story.

I go back and forth with myself trying decide who my favorite ALL singer is…Chad or Scott.  At the moment, it’s Scott.  So, this is Scott’s 2008 solo album.  It was produced by and features musical contributions by Dave Fridmann of Mercury Rev.  Steven Drozd of the Flaming Lips also contributed bass to several tracks.

This album is a refreshing change from what I’ve heard from Scott’s music with ALL & The Pavers.  It still has 2 or 3 songs that contain dick & fart jokes, such as, “None of This Is Funny” which is the result of a contest he held on his website allowing his fans to pick the song topic.  The topic….”message board topics.”

The songs that have taken me by surprise are songs like “The Boy Who Stole Your Heart,” “Tracy Hardman’s Cheek” & “The Truth Teller’s Soul.”  All three songs are slower, sweeter, more acoustic oriented songs.  I like hearing Scott’s voice with this type of musical arrangement.  It compliments his voice very nicely.  “Angel” is actually a country reworking of a punk song he wrote while fronting the band Goodbye Harry.  His backing band on “Angel” is noneother than alt-country band Drag the River, whose co-lead singer is Chad Price….ALL’s 3rd and current singer.

One of my favorite tracks is actually an instrumental track.  “Scaffold Lick” features Dave Fridmann on piano and Scott on drums and bass and adding Brian Wilson-style “aaaaahs”.

Nothing on the album is as sublime as “Mary”, a track written and sung by Scott on ALL’s album Allroy’s Revenge, (though “Tracy Hardman’s Cheek” comes close) but it’s a nice, refreshing little album that I’ll be playing all summer long.

When I first posted this on Blogspot, I actually received a comment from Scott himself!  :

Scott Reynolds said…

Hey man, Scott R. here. I was drinkin some bourbon, and messin around on my computer when I got a google alert for your blog (seems like this is pretty old. Weird how google alerts take so long to notice some stuff). Anyway, thank you for the nice write up. I really appreciate your taking the time to write it. Every little bit helps. Incidentally, it was me, not Dave, playing piano on Scaffold Lick. Not a big deal. Just thought you’d like to know. Thanks again man! Now I need to get back to work getting drunker. ………….. Scott