Pacific Ocean Blue

2 04 2008

First off…. wow.  What a great picture.  I found this as I was looking for a picture to start this post off with.  And this one is perfect.  I’ve never seen this one before.

Anyway, I’m quite excited today.  Last night, I stumbled upon an article from HARP magazine that stated Dennis Wilson’s Pacific Ocean Blue is FINALLY being re-released.  It is my understanding that it was very briefly in print on compact disc, but went out of print when issues regarding who owns the copyrights arose.  Don’t quote me on that.  That is just what I recall reading.

Now first, take a look at this album cover.  What is it about this thing that makes me love it?  I personally think this is one of the greatest album covers of all-time.  I think it just might be my favorite.  I can’t exactly pin-point what it is about this cover.
Because the album has been out of print for so long, you can find it on for $70 or more.  At one point, I almost decided to bite the bullet and pay that much for it.  Also kept my eyes opened for it when I’d go to Cheapo, knowing I’d never find it, but always hopeful.

The Legacy Edition which will be released some time in the coming months.  It depends on who you believe.  HARP stated the release date is May 13; Wikipedia says June 17 & yesterday’s article at Pitchfork Media stated April 15 (!).  Disc one will be the stellar Pacific Ocean Blue including with 4 bonus tracks.  Disc two contains Dennis’ uncompleted second solo album, Bambu.  Sadly, Dennis drowned in 1983 at the age of 39.  Regarding Bambu, this is what Dennis had to say:

“The next album is a hundred times what Pacific Ocean Blue is.  It kicks.  It’s different in a way.  I think I have more confidence now that I’ve completed one project, and I’m moving on to another”

The re-release will likely be $30.  But in my opinion, that’s a bargain.  In most cases, I feel the Legacy Edition reissues are too expensive because disc one is usually an album you’ve already purchased and love.  So, you’re typically paying $30 for a bonus disc.  In this case, you’re getting a lost CLASSIC and an unreleased follow up album.  Music enthusiasts rejoice!


Disc One – Pacific Ocean Blue
1. River Song
2. What’s Wrong
3. Moonshine
4. Friday Night
5. Dreamer
6. Thoughts of You
7. Time
8. You and I
9. Pacific Ocean Blues
10. Farewell My Friend
11. Rainbows
12. End of The Show
13. Tug Of Love
14. Only With You
15. Holy Man [instrumental]
16. Mexico

Disc Two: Bambu (The Caribou Sessions)
1. Under The Moonlight
2. It’s Not Too Late
3. School Girl
4. Love Remember Me
5. Love Surrounds Me
6. Wild Situation
7. Common
8. Are You Real
9. He’s A Bum
10. Cocktails
11. I Love You
12. Constant Companion
13. Time For Bed
14. Album Tag Song
15. All Alone
16. piano variation on Thoughts Of You
17. Holy Man (Taylor Hawkins Version)