6 03 2008


……….. <– I’ll start this off without any words. I saw Bob Mould tonight at First Avenue in Minneapolis (the first show of his recent tour).  I don’t know how to put into words what I’m feeling.  But I’ll sure try.

It was the best show I’ve seen in quite some time.  For the longest time, Earlimart @ 400 Bar in Minneapolis was #1.  That show was October 2005 while they were touring for Treble & Tremble.  There were only 20 people there for that show.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from Bob Mould, but he rocked really hard.  I was sucked in right away as he kicked off the show with 3 songs from Sugar’s Copper Blue.  He ended up playing half of Copper Blue and a handful of other Sugar songs.  I’m not one for dancing at a show.  I stand there with my hand around a beer and the other hand in my jeans pocket so I can take in the show.  I’m more of a visual concert goer.  But as soon as he busted into “The Act We Act”, I wanted to jump around.  Not do the annoying thrashing and slam dancing, but just kinda jump around.  Exert a little energy.  He didn’t play too many new songs.  4 or so with a smattering of Hüsker Dü songs to cap off the night.  I was pleased that he played “Moving Trucks” from Last Dog & Pony Show.  That is my favorite Bob Mould album.  Unfortunately, that is the only track from that album that he played.

The set list is pretty similar to the set list from his Circle of Friends DVD, which was for sale at the merch booth, but I didn’t have enough cash.  (well, I did, but I still needed to pay for parking after the show).  The DVD has a lot of songs from Body Of Song.  Tonight’s show only featured about 3 tracks from that album and probably 4 from District Line.

After the show, I bought my first & only beer of the night and decided to stick around in hopes that as a treat for Minneapolis, he’d come back after the place had cleared out a bit and do an acoustic set.  That type of fantasy has never come true for me.  But he did play for about 90 minutes including two encores.  I tried to meet him so I could tell him how impressed I was with the show.  He was chatting with fans and signing their swag, but by the time it got to me, he had to run.  So, he signed my CD booklet and I said “Thank you…and thanks for the great show!”

Since Minneapolis is where he got his start with Hüsker Dü, I wish he had played two shows.  I definitely would have bought tickets for tomorrow night’s show, if that was the case.  If he is coming to your town, I definitely recommend catching the show if you have $12 burning a whole in your pocket and you’re itching to see a show.  Check his myspace page for his concert calendar.




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