Bed of Hot Thistle

4 03 2008

Last Thursday, I made my way to 7th St. Entry to catch the Black Lips show.  The opening act was Quintron & Miss Pussycat.  (Who??)  I wasn’t expecting much, but the talented half of the duo, Quintron, held my interest.  Imagine my surprise when I purchased the new Gutter Twins album today, flipped through the beautiful booklet and the name “Quintron” jumped off the page.  This organist whom I’d never heard of had laid down his musical stylings on a track (“Seven Stories Underground”) by two of my favorite artists.  Mark Lanegan, and of course, Greg Dulli.

The Gutter Twins are Mark Lanegan (vocalist for hire. See: Queens of the Stone Age, Soulsavers, Baldwin Brothers, Creature With the Atom Brain, Twilight Singers) and head Afghan Whig/Twilight Singer Greg Dulli, whom I at one point during a conversation with a friend, stated I always thought of him as a “sexual badass who loves his Lord”.  yeah.  moving on.

Saturnalia is the debut album released today on Sub Pop.  It was 5 years in the making.  Rumor has it that for the first 3 or 4 years, they recorded only on Christmas Day.  How cool would it have looked in the liner notes to see “Recorded on Christmas Day 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 & 2007”?

“Idle Hands” is the hardest rock song Dulli has recorded since Powder Burns’ “I’m Ready”.  It starts off with Dulli & Lanegan chanting ominously which, for some reason, brings to mind a clan of blood-thirsty vampires.  This is likely because my sister doctored a picture of me to look like a vampire.  I posted the picture as my default picture on myspace at the same time as I selected “Idle Hands” to be my song on myspace.

In a bizarre turn, the instrumentation on “Seven Stories Underground”, most notably the percussion, sounds like it was taken directly from either Rain Dogs or Swordfishtrombones.  “Each to Each” suggests Greg Dulli’s work last year with Intramural rubbed off on him a little bit.  The track features electronic programming courtesy of Twilight Singer Jeff Klein.

Regarding the subject matter, here is a tally of word usage. Granted, this is give or take, since I do not have a lyric sheet and the lyrics are not posted on the internet anywhere. (Not for all of the songs anyway):
Love – 17
God/Lord – 12
Climb(ing) – 12
Children/Girl/Boy – 9
Heaven – 9
Suffer – 4
Devil/Demons – 3
Mother – 4
Father – 3

Other recurring themes are dark, falling, rain, light.

Gutter Twins will be performing at First Avenue this Saturday, March 8th.  You bet your ass I’ll be there.  Greg Dulli’s shows are what I look forward to most.  I’m very much excited that I finally get to see Mr. Mark Lanegan in concert too.

The beautiful photography above was taken by Sam Holden.
content (c) 1998-2007 sam holden




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